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Botox: Club members are able to purchase 50+ units  at $10 a unit (normally $12 a unit, $100+ savings)

Filler: Buy one syringe of filler get the second syringe 50% off ($299+ savings)

Microneedling: One treatment is $395, buy 3 treatments for $1,000 ($285 savings)

Microneedling w/PRP: One treatment is $695, buy 3 treatments for $1,800 ($285 savings)

Thread Lift:
Full face: $2800 $2500
Mid-face: $1650 $1500
Under eye: $650 $500
Lips: $650 $500

IV Therapy:
Hydrator: $99 $89
Myers Cocktail: $225 $159 (3 for $450, a $225 savings)
NAD+: $275 $225 (3 for $600, a $225 savings)
Stem Cell IV (Made from Umbilical Cord Blood purchased from Fior formerly Utah Cord Bank): $5,000 $3,000 (3 for $8,000, a $7,000 savings)

Body Contouring: $2,650 first body part, $1,500 for second body part (1 free session of Emsculpt) ($650-$1,650+ Saving)

Or Call 805.585.5004



Bone Marrow:
Single Injection: $4,000
Bi-lateral (dual injection): $5,500
($2,500 savings)

Adipose Tissue:
Single Injection: $5,000
Bi-lateral injection (dual injection): $6,500
($4,500 savings)

Single Injection: $5,500
Bi-lateral (dual injection): $7,000
($4,000 savings)

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