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The specialists at Regen Doctor are there to help you move away from conventional treatment such as steroids and surgery, and to introduce you to the groundbreaking world of PRP and stem cells. Our doctors will remove stem cells from your body and concentrate them, before reintroducing them to the area of your body in which you are experiencing pain or injury. In terms of the hands and wrists, a range of different conditions can be treated in this way. Let’s take a look.

Conditions We Treat

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the wrists and hands is a degenerative condition related to age and injury. It can also occur after trauma in younger individuals. Conventional medical treatments often fall short of adequately managing the pain, dysfunction, and negative impact on quality of life that comes with this diagnosis. PRP and stem cells may be a much better option from a risk-benefit standpoint and require minimal down time from your busy schedule.

This is a painful inflammation in the thumb’s tendons. It often radiates down to the wrists. It occurs in the area that helps us to move our thumb, which means it doesn’t just hurt a lot, it also significantly restricts movement. It is not known what causes the condition, although there is some suggestion it is down to overusing the wrist. Some people know the condition as “BlackBerry thumb,” because it has become more prevalent since we have started using these types of devices. Those who have the syndrome tend to find the lowest part of their thumb swells, which can be painful. Sometimes, the area also becomes red. Because of the pain, it becomes more difficult to perform daily tasks. Additionally, when the thumb is moved, some people find that it feels as if it sticks.

There are many joints in our wrists and hands meaning there are many ligaments as well.  When the ligaments of the wrist and hand sprain, they are stretched beyond their normal range of motion and sometimes this even results in ligament tears. Although these sprains can occur in all joints, they are very common in the wrist. Usually, sudden twists, falls, or blows can cause the sprain. People report high degrees of pain. The skin often bruises and discolors. The associated joints tend to feel very stiff, making it impossible to move them properly. When moved, there is often a noticeable popping sound and the area becomes very tender. Chronic thumb sprain is often called skier’s sprain. It affects the radial collateral ligament or the collateral ligament, which are found at the base of the thumb. It is generally caused by a forceful and sudden twist, forcing the thumb outside of the range of motions it is capable of. This usually causes instant bruising and swelling and can be quite severe. Those who have the condition are unable to grasp, lift and hold objects well. If conservative care doesn’t help or if the condition becomes chronic, surgery is often recommended. Most people would prefer to avoid this as it is not without risk and can fail to resolve the problem. Through stem PRP and/or stem cell treatment, however, the damaged tissue will actually be enabled to regenerate and repair itself by using the body’s own cells. This is done in-office, meaning no hospitalization is necessary either. This is generally the best option to truly repair the condition and hopefully avoid surgery.

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