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Dale Kiker, MD

“Aging may be inevitable but living in pain is not.” 

Dr. Dale Kiker MD (Founder & Medical Director, Regen Doctor) is a pain management expert with over 30+ years of experience. His #1 passion is healing the whole body and getting patients living life to the full. He is not only an advocate of regenerative medicine but a satisfied patient as well. Over a decade ago, Dr. Kiker successfully used stem cells on his own knee, shoulders and back to restore optimal performance that got him playing high-impact sports like tennis once again. In his own words, “Aging may be inevitable but living in pain is not. Thanks to state-of-art regenerative medicine we can restore maximum vitality in many patients who once believed surgery or drugs were their only choice.”

What sets Dr. Kiker apart from other regenerative medicine providers is twofold:

  1. His talent and ability to inject with absolute precision and skill as demonstrated by his national renown implementing dorsal root ganglion stimulators in the back and neck.
  1. His amazing bedside manner and penchant to take time with every patient as if they were a close friend or family member.

M. Scott Mortensen

Clinical Director 

Clinical Director, M. Scott Mortensen is passionate about Regenerative Medicine. As a former flight medic and Fire Captain with 15,000 + patient contact hours, he champions whole body health and preventing a health crisis before it ever happens.  Whether it’s peptides, hormones, stem cells or aesthetics he details lifestyle modifications with a commitment to perfection. Specifically, Scott specializes in joint repair, medical weight loss, IV hydration and cosmetic procedures such as fat transfers and stem cell rejuvenation. Before coming to REGEN DOCTOR he was a medical director and filmmaker who successfully summited Mt. Everest, received a Guinness Book of World Records for rowing across the Arctic Ocean and served underprivileged patients in Honduras, Thailand, Haiti and Mexico.

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