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PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, as the name implies, is an injectable concentrate of your body’s own platelets derived from whole blood. PRP also contains some stem cells, WBC, RBC, bacteriocidal. Platelets are circulating fragments of bloodcells that play a crucial role in blood clotting and wound formation and healing. Once activated, they are capable of releasing a myriad of signaling molecules (cytokines) including growth factors (GFs) that attract healing cells, including stem cells, to the areas where they are injected. These stem cells in turn release signals of their own and all this creates an enviroment that promotes improved blood flow, healing, and healthy tissue regeneration which minimizes scarring (fibrosis) and dysfunctional tissue architecture which can propogate pain and limitation of normal movement.

PRP is the easiest orthobiologic regenerative medicine concentrate to obtain as it involves only a simple venipuncture and blood draw (usually about 30-60cc). It is the most inexpensive option but is very effective and it may be all you ever need to get back to your best life. It is typically better for soft tissue (tendon, ligament, muscle) conditions, but can be used for some joint conditions as well.

PRP is used alone or in combination with various stem cell treatments as activators. They are also used as “booster shots” weeks or months after other treatments to enhance their healing effectiveness over time.


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