Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Helping men to live their best life. 

What is Regen Doctor Men’s Health Program?

  • Full set of customized labs including health markers not often tested by primary care.

  • State of the art hormone balancing including increased testosterone and oftentimes reduction of estrogen.

  • Prescription strength peptides for metabolism boosting, weight loss solutions, increased muscle mass, improved energy and sexual vitality.

  • A whole-body health regimen personalized to your needs, schedule and goals including a detailed nutrition and physical fitness plan.

  • Monthly visits to Regen Doctor for ongoing monitoring and support, along with body fat percentage testing, weigh-ins and vitals.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

What Is Low Testosterone (Low-T)?

Low testosterone also known as andropause can fall nearly 1% per year after the age of 30. Causes may include stress, alcoholism, obesity, environmental toxins, prescription medications, chronic illness or genetic factors.

 Your vitality and virility are key to living your best life. With our multi-systems approach we restore a younger, stronger and healthier YOU. Male hormone balancing often includes testosterone replacement but also prescription-strength peptides that boost your body’s production of growth hormone and healing compounds. This is an area that many men’s health clinics overlook. Regen Doctor’s expert providers deliver a next-level plan that’s helped hundreds of men reclaim their youthful strength, sexuality and success.

Hair Restoration Therapy

Hair Restoration Therapy
Regen Doctor uses your body’s regenerative capabilities to restore fuller, thicker, natural hair. Over the course of several monthly visits, our team draws your blood, centrifuges it, and returns it in the form of super potent growth factors back into areas of hair loss. It’s completely natural and highly effective especially when you combine treatment with our proprietary topical serum. This is a non-invasive approach for men with thinning hair, male-pattern-baldness or alopecia and it works as a long-term solution.

Men’s Health At A Glance

Customized diagnostics and monitoring to create a regimen specific to your needs.

Boost metabolism, improve energy & sexual performance

Increased testosterone

Weight loss and increased muscle mass

Hair restoration solutions