Dr. Kiker – Practicing What He Preaches

Passionate about life and regenerative medicine

Dr. Dale Kiker lives life to the absolute fullest. Physically, he participates in multiple sports and activities. Academically, he is always ahead of the curve in the latest research and medical technologies. Historically, Dr. Kiker graduated at the top of his class and was appointed to the Air Force Academy by Representative Lindy Boggs where he won the cadre title of “Iron Man.” Afterwards, Dr. Kiker joined the US Marines and was chosen, “Honor Graduate” in Boot Camp.

During his youth, Dr. Kiker competed at the national level in wrestling and motocross. More recently he excels at tennis, scuba diving and golf. As is often the case, living such a “high-impact life,” resulted in several sports injuries including ACL rupture, torn meniscus, torn rotator cuff, and achilles tendon rupture to name a few. 

After obtaining marginal results with repeated cortisone shots and wanting to avoid surgery, Dr. Kiker turned to Regenerative Medicine. The results he obtained from stem cell / PRP injections in his shoulders, knees, and Achilles tendon were phenomenal after about 2 to 3 months! Not only can he play golf and tennis again, he can play for hours upon hours without the debilitating pain of old. Due to this incredibly favorable outcome, Dr. Kiker developed a passion for Regenerative Medicine that he was determined to share with others.

“Every patient is supremely important to us and our mission is to serve each and everyone with the highest level of care available.”

Before and after photos of Dr. Kiker (age 60), after utilizing many of the services he now provides to clients.

Dr. Kiker attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans where he was an anatomy tutor as well as class president. He attended USC / LA County Hospital to complete his anesthesia residency where he served as the chief resident of the program. After finishing his residency, he moved to Central California where he excelled in interventional pain services including regenerative medicine.

Recently, Dr. Kiker realized a lifelong dream with the opening of the 15,000 square foot Regen Doctor facility and associated surgical center where he continues the development and implementation of “cutting edge” regenerative therapies. As always, his approach is enthusiastic and conservatively optimistic. Regardless, of your condition you will receive the highest level of  care.

Some of the many services Dr. Kiker and his team provides include Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) stem cells injection, lipo-aspirated stem cells (MSC’s), umbilical / placental stem cell products known as allografts, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Additionally, Regen Doctor also offers awake, one-day fat removal liposuction known as Body Sculpt, medical weight loss and regenerative aesthetics including stem cell / PRP injections and thread lifts with combination therapy (Botox / fillers).

As Dr. Kiker says, “Every patient is supremely important to us and our mission is to serve each everyone with the highest level of care available.”

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