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All these options have a risk-benefit profile for each unique patient, moment in time, and stage of disease. Some patients do quite well with these options either alone or in some combination. Unfortunately, many other patients stop responding, fail to ever respond, or become worse off after treatment. Addictive opioids and invasive surgery in particular can have serious and irreversible, sometimes catastrophic, results. They can entail prolonged and painful recovery. In the past, these patients had nowhere else to turn for help.

Regenerative medicine often succeeds where all else has failed. Furthermore, regenerative medicine techniques often have a better risk-benefit profile than traditional medical options and may help patients avoid less effective and riskier options in the first place. Our treatments are done in the office, on an outpatient basis, with no hospitalization or overnight stay required. As soon as the injection has been administered, the cells can get to work. Contact us for more information and/or to schedule a consultation now so we can start the process of evaluation and tailor an approach best suited to your individual needs. Find out if you are a candidate for one of these cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatment options and start leading a more full and rewarding life right now.


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