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regenerative medicine specialistsAt Regenerative Medicine Specialists, we focus on treatments that allow patients to recover from a broad variety of conditions quickly: treatments that actually heal the body, rather than merely masking the symptoms produced by an underlying condition. 

In particular, we specialize in stem cell as well as platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment. These treatments often eliminate the need for surgery and produce very rapid healing on an in-office basis, with no hospital stay and sometimes just a single visit required.

We would like to help you avoid the risks and side effects associated with surgery and steroid injections.

Instead, with both of these treatments, the principle is roughly the same: cells taken from your own bone marrow, fat, and blood are harvested, then separated and finally reintroduced to the area which has the problem. There, these cells take an active role in helping your body heal itself.

How Adult Stem Cell Therapy Works

Adult stem cells taken from your own body are a remarkable tool for healing. They can be found and isolated from a number of tissue types: bone marrow, fat, synovial fluid, menstrual blood, umbilical cord blood, even dental pulp. (We focus on bone marrow, fat, and ordinary blood.) The stem cells taken from these tissues are able to differentiate — transform — themselves into many other types of cells, which lets them treat many different kinds of diseases.

Stem cells taken from bone marrow and from various types of blood have seen extensive clinical use for the last 20 years for treating many different diseases. Clinical studies have identified more than 80 different diseases which may be treated with stem cells taken from blood, including cancer, metabolic disorders, and anemia. In our office we successfully use them for treating musculoskeletal conditions and joint conditions of almost any type.

The most amazing things about these stem cells — besides the way they can be used to treat a huge variety of different conditions — is that it’s possible to harvest them using minimally invasive procedures. This makes it possible to do stem cell treatments without going to the hospital or suffering through a long recovery. In most cases, we are able to treat patients in just a single office visit.

For many patients, it’s a surprise to hear that they even have their own stem cells. Unfortunately, many have only heard about controversial ’embryonic’ stem cell therapies, since those have been debated in politics and on the news.

Yet those therapies have very little to do with the treatments we perform. We use stem cells found in adults — taken from the patient, in fact — and there are no political, ethical, or moral issues surrounding the treatments we do.

PRP: An Easy, Effective, and Affordable Therapy

Besides stem cell therapy, we also do therapy with platelet rich plasma injections, or PRP. This is an injected concentrate of platelets isolated from your body’s whole blood — it also contains some stem cells as well.

PRP therapy works on the principle that platelets are circulating blood cell fragments which are crucially important to healing. Once they are activated, they release many different signaling molecules to attract healing cells to an injured area. The result is an environment which promotes healing, better blood flow, and healthy regeneration of tissue with minimal scarring.

PRP is also the least expensive option, since PRP is the easiest concentrate to obtain. Nevertheless it is extremely effective (especially for soft tissue conditions) and may be all you need to recover.

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