Rapid Ischial Bursitis Treatment

Under normal circumstances and with normal techniques, it can take several months to treat ischial bursitis.

However, with the regenerative techniques our clinic uses, it may be possible to eliminate inflammation and regenerate the tissues of your body much more quickly — and even to help in cases where ordinary treatments have already failed.

How Regenerative Medicine Addresses The Root Cause, Not The Symptoms

Normal medical treatments often focus on alleviating the symptoms, rather than addressing the root causes. NSAIDs, for example, seek to reduce inflammation.

Yet it is that inflammation which the body uses as part of its healing process. While these drugs can therefore provide short-term pain relief, rather than promoting healing, they reduce the small degree of healing which naturally takes place.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to actually heal the patient’s ischial bursitis.

It does this by amplifying and enhancing the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Cells and healing factors are taken from elsewhere in the body, concentrated, and injected into the injured area where they go to work repairing the bursitis. (Depending on the type of therapy, these cells might be stem cells, platelet rich plasma — PRP — or others.)

The reason that ischial bursitis treatment is so difficult for conventional medicine has to do with the nature of the injury.

An ischial bursitis happens when inflammation develops between the bony projection known as the ischial tuberosity, and the hamstring tendon which passes over it.

This condition might be triggered by any number of causes, but sports injuries and prolonged sitting on hard surfaces are the most common.

In fact, sports are so well known for producing an ischial bursitis that some practitioners have taken to calling it “runner’s butt” or even just “sports butt.”

When an ischial bursitis develops and the bursa (the fluid filled sac which cushions the hamstring from the bone) becomes inflamed, it can be quite painful. It’s common for patients to experience a pain in the lower buttocks which appears when they sit down.

The patient’s lower leg may also be numb or start tingling, and flexing the knee may aggravate these conditions.

Why Regenerative Treatments Work

ischial bursitis treatment

ischial bursitis treatment

At Regenerative Medicine Specialists, we focus on providing treatments that can be accomplished on an in-office same-day basis.

Unlike surgical therapies, with our methods there is no hospital stay needed.

In general, we usually work with either stem cell or platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies.

Both of them work on the regenerative principle, which is as simple as it is elegant. Just as how some animals are able to regrow tails if they are cut off, so too can the human body regenerate (smaller) parts of itself with stem cells.

Applying stem cells taken from other parts of the patient’s body — or PRP, which has a similar effect — it is possible to heal the degeneration and injuries producing disability or pain.

Stem cells and PRP alike are currently in your body, but dormant. For treatment, a small volume of them are taken from where they currently are, concentrated, and injected into the injured area.

There, they both help heal and help bring in more healing cells to heal the underlying problem which is causing the inflammation and pain.