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The Regenerative Medicine Specialists are experts in the field of stem cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment. Our doctors believe that it is better to use the body’s own regenerative properties to help heal the body, rather than use surgical treatment and steroid injections to mask the symptoms of an underlying condition. Various problems can be treated through PRP and stem cells, which means that there is no longer any need to run the risk of going through surgery, or to have to live with the unwelcome side effects of steroid injections. Instead, the cells of your bone marrow, blood and fat will be harvested, separated and reintroduced in the area where the problem lies, and they will get to work in making sure your body heals itself. All procedures are done on an outpatient basis, meaning you won’t need an overnight stay at the hospital.

Dale Kiker, MD

M. Scott Mortensen (BA Visual Arts UC San Diego, MPAS Loma Linda University, M.Ed. Pepperdine University) is passionate about Regenerative Medicine. As a former flight medic and Fire Captain with 25 years experience in the medical field he champions whole body health using autologous technologies such as stem cells and platelet rich plasma. PA Mortensen specializes in optimizing human potential with expertise in joint repair, medical weight loss, hormone replacement, IV hydration and cosmetic procedures such as fat transfers and stem cell rejuvenation. Before coming to RegenDoctor he was a medical director and filmmaker who successfully summited Mt. Everest, received a Guinness Book of World Records for rowing across the Arctic Ocean and served underprivileged patients in Honduras, Thailand, Haiti and Mexico. 


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